5 Pack Gummy Bundle5 Pack Gummy Bundle
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Gummy Love

5 Pack Gummy Bundle

Milk Chocolate Gummy LipsMilk Chocolate Gummy Lips

Chocolate Covered Gummies

Milk Chocolate Gummy Lips

Strawberry Cream Gummy LipsStrawberry Cream Gummy Lips


Strawberry Cream Gummy Lips

Blue Raspberry Gummy LipsBlue Raspberry Gummy Lips

Smitten Sour

Blue Raspberry Gummy Lips

Tart Cherry Gummy LipsTart Cherry Gummy Lips

Sassy Sour

Tart Cherry Gummy Lips

Pink Grapefruit Gummy LipsPink Grapefruit Gummy Lips


Pink Grapefruit Gummy Lips

Made with the best natural ingredients and real fruit flavors.