Ultimate Sugarpova

13 Pack of Chocolates & Gummies

$50 $61

Give the gift of all Sugarpova candy with the ultimate collection of Sugarpova treats. Packed with fruity natural gummy lips, decadent chocolate truffles, and rich chocolate bars, it’s the perfect surprise to share (or keep all to yourself.) Includes 5 gummy lip flavors, 4 truffle flavors, and 4 chocolate bar flavors


  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Truffle
  • White Chocolate Cookie and Cream Truffle
  • White Chocolate Strawberries and Cream truffle
  • Dark Chocolate Coffee Mocha truffle
  • Dark Chocolate with Orange bar
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut bar
  • Milk Chocolate Strawberry bar
  • White Chocolate Cookies and Cream bar
  • Flirty Gummy Lips
  • Quirky Gummy Lips
  • Sassy Sour Gummy Lips
  • Smitten Sour Gummy Lips
  • Choc Covered Gummy Lips
    Net wt. 80.0 oz.

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    Snack Without Guilt

    • Non GMO
    • Soy Free
    • Halal
    • Kosher Dairy
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    The key to a happy, healthy life is this idea of Moderation in Moderation—you can 100% have your cake (or candy) and enjoy it, too.

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